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We at web of Khan is dedicated to develop quality websites for our clients. I’m specialized in WordPress web development. We handle International clients in The United States Of America (USA), Gulf, France, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand with different kinds of websites.

We specialize in E commerce web development. We also develop a basic blog, company web site, a social networking site (buddy press). We also provide special Packages of SEO cum web development. Our Great team of SEO guarantees you results in 5 Keywords in the 1st page of Google in 3 months duration.


We have special translators for Non-English Speakers. The translators we have are Arabic, French. These translators are available only by appointment. The whole process is done by Skype only.


The link to the site you are looking for is: Networks Home

Skills: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Woo Commerce.

Type: This is a E commerce site. The site comes with back end Dashboard, optimized images, with good Google page insight ranking, dashboard performance improvements, Site Statics to check the performance.

Time Taken: Time to develop the site was 10 Days. Note: These timings may vary as per requirement. This would be the time under ideal scenario (data, hosting, NS Migration, Development, Site Optimization, etc.)

Important note: The site may be down because of many reason which can include the client not paying his/her hosting/domain renewal, Problem with the hosting, etc.

Thank you for seeing web of khan hope you like it.


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